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Invitation to Siesta

Project statement


  "Siesta" refers to taking a brief nap during the day. This cultural practice persists in some countries, although in modern times it is increasingly viewed as disruptive to productivity and efficiency, leading to its decline in many places. However, contrary to this trend, I aim to invite modern individuals to embrace siesta through my thesis project.

  It's okay not to actually sleep. The siesta I propose is merely a brief respite. My Fish Daegari basks in the sunshine, fully revealing its pink, raw flesh, free and liberated. It drinks, eats delicious food, dances, and jokes. The world viewed through sun-dazzled eyes is blurry. Despite being a world filled with complexity and much to contemplate and discern, in this blurry world, boundaries blur, most things can be shrugged off, and the world is peaceful and beautiful.


  Inside the fish's head, I can momentarily clear my complex thoughts, but I cannot continue living with a fish's head outside the water. We must enjoy a momentary siesta and then return to our daily lives. And that's okay because rest is ultimately for the purpose of returning to the routine. I just ponder what true relaxation entails. Through my thesis project, I seek to provide tranquility rather than stimulation. I want to offer natural smiles, not forced ones. I want to provide relaxation akin to lying in a meadow, gazing at the sky.

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